Multi-Faith Calendar

Published annually by the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the Multifaith Calendar is a unique educational resource that facilitates understanding of religious observances, occasions and festivals important to a wide spectrum of cultural and faith communities. Celebrating its 32nd edition, the 2018 Multifaith Calendar’s theme is ‘The Power of Inspiration.’

The Multifaith Calendar assists in recognizing and respecting the diversity across our faith communities, while at the same time seeking to celebrate the values we hold in common. We expect to learn from each other and assume from our experience that the faith we each espouse will be enriched by interaction with those of other beliefs and traditions.

More specifically, the Multifaith Calendar offers insight into the world’s major faiths – a window that gives not only accurate information on each of the major holidays and festivals, including their dates and significance, but detailed historical information of these faiths and their relationship to time. With this information, we can better understand the cultures from which they emerge.

Our Calendar provides accurate dates with descriptions for the world’s major religions and the cultural festivals of most ethnic groups in North America. Included are dates for: Aboriginal Spirituality, Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Unitarianism, Wiccan and Zarathushti (Zoroastrianism). In addition, the MFC identifies examples of 20th Century Religions, including Scientology.

The Calendar is also a carefully selected collection of art work. Each year a new theme is chosen and artists from across North America and internationally submit work for consideration. We are proud to say that these images are original works of art from a wide variety of artists. The theme for our 2017 edition is Love and Compassion.

The MFC continually strives to enhance and expand on content for users. For example, there are now additional Buddhist, Hindu and United Nations observances identified and described.

Featuring 26 pieces of original art from visual artists across North America and Internationally, the 2018 MFC marks the 32nd year of publication and features the theme of The Power of Inspiration.

Inspiration can come from our faith, from reading a book, from listening to music, or discovering a new skill or talent. We all need inspiration to get us through the times that are barren, dark, or heavy with burdens. Like a light piercing through the darkness, inspiration can lift us up and cheer us on when we feel we can’t go on.

Inspiration is as needed as the air we breathe. The 2018 Multifaith Calendar is devoted to The Power of Inspiration. All our artists submitted works based on this rich theme. And the variety of subjects and techniques is no less than inspirational. Enjoy!

Our 2018 Multifaith Calendar is dedicated to exploring this theme.

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The Multifaith Calendar is the leading sourceof complete and accurate dates, times, and descriptions for 370 events (including over 180 religious and cultural occasions).