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Teachers could draw some of these films to the attention of their students when they appear in local theatres and also check censor’s classifications.

The AAME Bibliography is the only multicultural bibliography issued for the use of schools in the Province.

It provides schools and community agencies with current video resources and information on cost and sources as well as evaluations by certificated personnel on films produced during the past five years. Each video’s grade level, appropriateness according to subject area and annotation is provided.

All resources are evaluated at the Educational Media Marketplace where all school districts send representatives to select resources for their school districts.

Video Bibliography

Toronto Film Festival Raises Multiculturalism to a Higher Understanding  (2018) by Nicholas Spillios

Films have the power to change attitudes and opInions. Teachers know this. Wise teachers understand  and consequently take particular time and care in incorporating films into their lesson plans.  Community leaders search for films that  can present issues  in new refreshing ways  in their advocacy work. New approaches are needed and films offer one tool  for achieving this.

The following films are presented in no particular order save currency. They were all showcased at TIFF and were selected at the Festival for their value and  merit.

SKIN. U.S. 110 min. colour.  Bryan Widner is the son of a Nazi leader raised with white supremacist ideas. He is arrested following a riot where he challenges the police with his hate tattoos. He falls for a single Israeli mother and his changing positive attitudes begin.

RED JOAN, U.K 110 mins. colour. Judy Dench is a retired English scientist who is arrested for espionage while in retirement. In her youth, she joined student colleagues with leftist ideas. She becomes a pawn in an espionage plot.

WHERE HANDS TOUCH. U.K. 122 mins. A bi-racial teen in Nazi Germany falls for a Nazi. She is black. The audience is exposed to a nation’s radicalization while the romance unfolds. Nationalist Socialism is reviewed as her mother protects her from surrounding anti-racial beliefs.

WHAT IS DEMOCRACY? Canadian, Arabic, Spanish, Greek. 107 mins. Colour.  The National Film Board exposes the fall of democracy by examining its fall in several countries. Plato’s comments, the collapse of the Greek economy .Far right demagogues Ancient Greece, and the Civil Rights movement are targeted. The cross-section of events provides an interesting view of causes for the fall of democracy in the countries mentioned.

ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT. U.S./Denmark/Norway. 191 mins. Documentarian James Longley follows a group of boys’ daily activities in Kabul. He spends time with one boy who dreams of escape while his teachers remember better times. Hope is still available. People are shown as pawns of the U. S. occupation.

THE PUBLIC. U.S.119 mins. Colour/B& White. A library’s management in Cincinatti is challenged in housing the homeless and protecting them from the cold. A team of riot police is led by Alex Baldwin, the negotiator. The U. S. was founded on assemblies of citizens meeting in centers of free expression like libraries. This concept is well analyzed.

THE TRIAL. The Netherlands 127 mins. A documentary on the trials organized by Stalin to espouse communist ideals. Top ranking economists and engineers are seen on trial. A chilling reminder of Communist Russia.

THE GREEN BOOK. U.S. 130 mins. Colour.  In 1962 America, a celebrated jazz musician, Don Shirley, hires a white driver to accompany him for protection in the South U.S. The Green Book is the guide for travel by colored citizens.

THE HATE U GIVE. U.S. 129 mins. Colour.  A black teen lives two lives – one is in her neighborhood where she is accepted and another in her family where she is accepted as a black teen. One night while driving with her boyfriend, he is shot and killed by the police which she records. Should she give this information to the authorities?

PETERLOO. U.K. 153 mins. Colour. After Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo the working class begins to fight for representation. The struggle came to be called the Peterloo Massacre. It involved unarmed civilians who fought the aristocracy who felt threatened.

ASH IS PUREST WHITE. China/France. 141 mins. Colour.  Romance, tragedy and crime reveal China’s depth into capitalism. A girl is released from prison and finds her former partners are working in legitimate businesses.

22 JULY. Norway, Iceland. 143 mins. Colour. In Norway (2011), a terrorist detonates a car bomb in Oslo then goes to an island hosting a youth camp and kills 77 young people. The Norwegian justice system is forced to deal with extremists which demands a special approach. The extremist demands an end to immigration. The justice system must apply new resources to handle the issue.

FARMING. U.K. 107 mins. Colour. One of recent experiments in Britain included the farming out of Nigerian children to white families. Based on fact. The writer/director grows up to find his transfer does not bring him the advantages he anticipated, As a young child, he returns to his village and finds adjusting difficult.

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